Improving and Enhancing Communication Skills and Strategic Planning

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If there is one skill above all others that is uniquely able to achieve the impossible, while taking others along a journey of a lifetime, it would be the ability to communicate effectively.

In a world dominated by electronic devices, however, conversational skills are being dumbed down to emoji’s, and entire sentences are compressed into simple acronyms. LOL…

This being the case, we have a simple, quick, and effective study that will equip you for face to face interactions, not only with your students but with your entire social circle.
No matter your level of extroversion, being a good conversationalist can be learned.

Go through the material provided and be sure to take the self-assessment at the end to understand your conversational strengths and areas for improvement.

We know that this will be an aid that will last you for a lifetime of deep meaningful conversations, enriching not only your life, but the lives of those who have the pleasure of engaging with you.


Earn 10 CPTD Credits

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