Covid-19 School Readiness Policy

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This Manual is intended to provide all organisations with an opportunity to review their current Crisis and Disaster Management Strategies and is, in this instance, specifically intended to assist Schools to manage tasks around an infectious disease School Readiness Policy. In particular, the information refers to nCoV or, its more common names – the Novel Coronavirus and Covid-19.

The information contained in this Booklet is approved by the Department of Labour, the Department of Education, The Department of Health and the Ministry for Good Governance and is aimed at educating School Management Teams, School Governing Bodies, Teaching Staff, General Workers, Parents, Learners and any additional Stakeholders.

SACE-Registered Educators may claim 5 Credits towards their 2020 mandatory SACE CPTD under Category 1.

The information contained in this book is available as a more thorough training course accredited by SAQA under Unit Standard 114592.

Course Content

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Defence – How to defend against the spread of COVID-19
Control Measures
Exposure – Management and reduction of detected on-site cases
Recovery – Recovery of processes and normal functioning after detection
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