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Complimentary Covid-19 Readiness Course

Earn 5 CPTD Points through this course.

The very best in specialised educational skills development for SACE-Registered teachers.

Headwise is a specialised educational skills development and skills transfer company with over twenty years of experience in providing educational training interventions. With a focus on the Mandatory Professional Development Programme for educators across South Africa.

Tracey Stewart
Dr. Tracey Stewart (Clin. ECD Specialist (ODETDP/NQF8 UniSA) - Founder Headwise

Higher Order Critical Thinking Skills, Whole School Management and Leadership Training, Facilitator, Assessor and Moderation Training, Subject Specialist Training, Conflict Resolution & Time Management Training.

1) Affordability
2) Accessibility via e-learning, DVD-Curriculum or on-site training
3) Down-time is limited
4) No travel – this is a “to-door” service
5) Offers a one-stop shop for annual CPTD

At Headwise we commit to a continually growing list of top-rated educational programs to ensure that you are never left behind, and that you continue to grow every year.

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Investing in you so that you can invest in future generations.

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